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The Sterling in the Mirror: When Racism Isn't a Cartoon

Maybe I should join the parade. Maybe I should lose myself in the jubilation of the popular mob dragging the corpse of an old man through the streets after his social execution.

The World is Our Classroom: Recovering the Humanity of Education

I recently wrote an article in Prism Magazine about the amazing movement happening on our block in NE Park Hill. Click on this link to read an online copy (My article is on pages 24-25 titled, "The World is Our Classroom"). Enjoy, and please leave me your feedback here.

Drugs Inc: Denver

National Geographic does a series called "Drugs Inc." detaliing the drug scence in different regions. The section on Park Hill (3:20 - 14:00) explains the forces that try to steal our youth and the need for strong leadership in the area.

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